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  • How do I measure my belt size?
    Ordering the correct belt size is a very important step in your purchasing process, especially if you are ordering a custom tooled belt. In order to get your measurment, mesure your existing belt from the fold where the buckle sits to whichever hole you use the most. This is illistrated in the picture above. Whatever measurment you send me I will use for the middle hole of your new belt. This way you have two holes on each side for adjustments. If you are ordering a belt for a child that will be growing, you may wish to add an inch or two to the measurement that you give me so that their belt will fit on the tighest hole and they can grow into it. While this is the best method of measuring there can be some variation because of various thickness of belts. When in doubt add an inch because my belts tend to be thicker than regular belts.
  • If I am ordering for a child should I order a size up?
    I would recomend adding one to two inches to the childs fold to hole measurment if they are at an age where they are growing fast.
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